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Horticultural delights

Sigh, four day weekend is nearly over, and I’m not lucky enough to have the three days off in-between as we’re so busy at work. Oh well – it’s been a lovely few days off. And, it’s only 3 days at work – that’s nothing! Then, another four day weekend! I’m planning to do not a huge amount – this weekend meant doing all the housework in preparation for my Mum’s visit so that’s all done for a couple of weeks, save pushing the hoover round…oh, and attacking the huge pile of ironing – anyone fancy tackling that for me? ;)

Horticultural delights by nikki m
Horticultural delights, a photo by nikki m on Flickr.

I’d forgotten how pretty our flat looks in the sun – we’re north/south facing, and the lounge and kitchen especially look gorgeous in the sun. My windowsills are full of flowers and herbs, and the armchair in the bay window in the lounge is my new favourite place to sit with a cup of tea, and knit or read, with the breeze blowing through, and the birds in the tree outside.

I’ve also got vases of freesias around the flat from a couple of bunches Mum bought me – I split the stems out in to long ones for one vase, and then the little ones growing off the stems I put in to little vases, including one for my bed side table :) They’re starting to smell gorgeous and I’m looking forward to them opening fully :)

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