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T-112 days

I promise I will try not to spam this blog with wedding stuff. I even started a separate blog for that, but allow me the odd post, please? ;)

I know we'd always planned a spring wedding, and people sucked air through their teeth at that, but things are happening a lot quicker then expected! I spent most of this week trying to get through to our preferred venue, only for it to constantly go through to an answerphone I wasn’t able to leave a message on, or for it to just ring out. Thursday afternoon I tried again, sticking it on speakerphone, only to have someone pick up! I asked about availability in March/early April, only to be told they had July 28th, the last weekend in October, or February 25th.

A quick call to my mum who spoke to the caterers we’d been looking at, a call to Warwick registry office to see if they had someone available, a call back to confirm - and suddenly we’re getting married in a little over 100 days.


I knew we were operating to a tighter schedule then most couples, but this now seems incredibly close. I’m not as worried as I feel I ought to be, which perversely is worrying me more. We’ve got a lot in place - we’ve got the venue, the caterers and the registrar. We’ve managed to book the wedding photographer that I really, really wanted. I really hate having my photo taken, so finding an photographer that could come up with easy relaxed looking photos was important to us, and I adore her style. I’ve pretty much decided on a dress. We’ve figured out a colour scheme, and I’ve got a good idea of how I want the place to look. The majority of our decorations will be homemade, and fairly simple - we want big, clean shapes and for everything to co-ordinate.

We've not got the money to spend on a lavish wedding, and to be honest, we don't really want that. We're aiming more for a party then a Reception with a capital letter. We want it to be easy and relaxed, for people to have fun, and to celebrate with us. We're ironing out the guest list, and I feel awful that there's so many people we cant invite - if I could, I'd invite everyone, but then we'd have to change so much about the wedding, and the whole feel of the thing would change. We're thinking about having a party back in London for all the people we can't invite - would this seem weird to you, if you were invited to a separate party but not the main wedding? I do know that whatever we do, people will be offended, and upset - I think I've already upset someone by inviting someone else, but I don't know what to do - in an ideal world, everyone we invited would come and have a great time, but I know realistically that that won't be the case.

Maybe we'll just run away to Vegas and be done with it ;)

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People who are offended are just silly and they'll realise when/if they have a wedding of their own.

Ahh congratulations and don't hold back on the detail, I love a bit of wedding planning!

It's *your* day, that means that you get to decide who gets invited!
I know how expensive weddings are, I helped Mum organise hers a few years ago, add the word wedding to the beginning of anything and you can triple the price. I'm sure there are lots of people who want to celebrate with you and I think a separate party is a great idea, that way more people get to celebrate with you. Anyone who has a strop over the invite list is only thinking of themselves and is not worth your concern.

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