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Sunday night with tea and biscuits
I love winter in a weird way. I'm currently in bed with a cosy blanket as well as a sunggly duvet, wearing warm PJs and drinking tea that tastes like mulled wine. You can't do that in summer. In fact, summer evenings normally find me lying on top of the bed, wailing how I just can't get cool enough to sleep, and repeatedly turning my pillow over and over to try and get some relief. 

Yesterday James and I went to Boring 2011, a conference organised by James Ward in East London, that promised to celebrate on the ordinary and focus on the minutiae of daily life. We had talks about hand dryers and the sounds of vending machines and small talk and the whole thing was finished off with an awesome talk by Adam Curtis which started with a talk and video of tiny snippets of video from the ends and starts of old BBC tapes. James took a photo of the running order and I want to blog properly about it, but he's off doing something else at the moment, so that will have to wait.

Today was spent doing not much at all. I mean, I did a pile of ironing, and made a vegetable stew and cleaned the kitchen, and had a bath, but it was all vey relaxed. I felt a bit out of sorts today, which I am sure if a reaction to the reaction to the horrendously stressful week I've had. I've got the best outcome for me, but this has been at the detriment to someone else (not my doing I hasten to add!) The quietness of just pottering about was what I needed, and following a bath, I feel much more ready to face the world tomorrow. 

This week I've got a WI committee meeting, and our wedding photographer is coming round on Wednesday night to discuss the details - at that point we'll be less then 12 weeks out. Gulp.


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