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An owl and some ramblings.

I’ve been remiss. I’ve got a post here that I worked about the wedding, then I didn’t post it, and now it seems silly to post it, so long after the event. I might do though, so there’s a record of it. It was so fricking awesome though.

So have an owl that I made! He’s not yet got a name. I kind of balked at crafting for a while – I think sewing 150m of bunting will do that. Glad I did though! I’m now a bit black work loopy, and want to make a sampler type thing, but not in black and white. Pale blue and ecru are the favoured colours at the moment.

I’ve been married for…eight weeks now. Seems in some ways much more and in other ways much less. I like being married though, it feels…comforting? Secure? Either way, it’s lovely. He’s lovely. I’m soppy.

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