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Tidy seems to be the theme of my life right now. Those who have been to our flat will know that although we both try to keep things tidy, we both have a lot of Stuff, which makes things hard. We both have hobbies that don’t lend themselves to minimalism, and a bit of a book problem. I’d estimate we’ve got rid of in the region of 250-300 books in the last year, and it’s just the tip of the iceberg. Add to that the magazines, comics, CDs, DVDs, craft stuff, and general life detritus, and you might get the picture ;)

We recently bought a new printer which can scan, and I’m attempting to clear down some of the craft magazines I have, by scanning in the tutorials and patterns I actually like and am likely to ever want to make, and then I will somehow dispose of them, probably through ebay. I’ve also bought a Kindle, after getting a nice voucher following a horrendous train journey, so I can use that for the throwaway reads I don’t want to keep the book around for.  Slowly but surely, I want to try and reduce the amount of stuff I own, and when we decide to move at some point, it will hopefully be easier.

Our bookshelves

Does anyone have awesome tips for organising and decluttering that don’t involve spending huge amounts of money? So many things seem to promise you a beautifully tidy house if only you spend $99 on this awesome drawer organiser! Err no. For one I don’t have the money to spend, and also buying things in order to declutter seems a bit…ridiculous.

Once media has been done, then I think it will be time to attack my clothes, and chuck out the dresses I’ve had since sixth form, and the skirts I never wear because I am really weird about wearing skirts that I think are too short…

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This site, you have to dig down, has tips :)

I am not a minimalist either and have taken to checking out hoarding sites for ideas.

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